She says


Annie’s feeling blue, she don’t know what to do
She’s stomping crazy mad, things keep on going bad
Will the situation improve if she gets into the groove?
So in love with this man that it makes her mad
She says…
Disillusioned by men, and I’m a working mother
I only got divorced last year and I don’t miss the bugger
I want to get to the top; I’d like to hit my dad
I’d like to say what I feel without feeling bad
I want to be a strong woman and be in charge,
Hold my baby real close and make it all okay
Make it all okay.

He hurting and breaking and taking her soul
She’s waiting scared behind her very own back door,
She knows that this can’t be what she’s been looking for.
Ravaged by time and drinking red wine
She says…


He mirrored her in anger, she mirrored him in fear.
Empty piecrust promises, won’t heal the scars.
She’s standing in the garden, staring up at the stars,
They burn from afar, kindling hope in her heart
She says