Eventually, the faithful and true will lie
Eventually, my mother will say goodbye
Eventually, we remember what came before
Eventually, we all get what’s in store

Until then, I will take my chances on a dream
Until then, I will trust that things are what they seem
Until then I’ll accept that life is never perfect
And still you love me

Eventually, I’ll stop feeling unnerved
Eventually, you all get what you deserve
Eventually, all our clothes go out of style
Eventually, our families will reconcile

Until then…etc.

Eventually, all the rivers will run dry
Eventually, my brother will learn to cry
Eventually, the broken will be whole again
Eventually, I’ll let go of the pain.


Eventually, it’s easy to say I’m sorry
Eventually, we see it don’t help to worry.
Eventually we learn to listen not speak
Eventually you’ll know you’re okay, not a freak.